Reduced Cycle Times

A Better Patient Experience

At SyncTimes, we’re committed to helping clinical teams and their patients have a better day to day experience. Patient care is what we do best.

How We Do It

Care Team Communication

Using the SyncTimes tablet inside the exam room, providers can call an MA or nurse, communicate the care plan, or notify the behaviorist when they are needed.

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Analyze and Improve 

Track cycle times and productivity through the SyncTimes dashboard. Identify changes that need to be made to optimize the patient experience.

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Real Time Locating

Real time locating at the health center with an easy to wear locating device that allows you to see what is happening in each exam room.

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Reduced Cycle Times


Decreased Patient Alone Time


Increased Provider Productivity

Our Impact

Rapid Improvements

SyncTimes provides a tool to help providers and their care teams communicate more effectively, providing for an elevated level of care to their patients.

Patient Experience Insight

Administrators and clinic managers are provided insight into what patients are experiencing and where improvements can be made.

Optimize Scheduling

The system helps eliminate inefficiencies in the clinic, enabling a better patient experience.

Shorter Cycle Times & Room Efficiencies

SyncTimes establishes a baseline for your current cycle times. Your site managers and administrators can then identify goals for improvement.

Using their program has definitely improved our efficiency of patient flow and time management in the clinic, which has also improved patient satisfaction as well as better reviews from the patients. We are moving patients through the clinic more fluidly and this has also made our staff happier as a result, due to less patient complaints. Happier patients equals happier staff all around.

My staff loves that they don't have to keep coming to get providers to let them know a patient is ready to be seen. We have a monitor in our offices, which we can see when the medical assistants have a patient ready for us. Then the providers can stay on top of patient flow easier.

SyncTimes is such a great addition to our health care clinic. It creates an organized atmosphere for both clinical and non-clinical staff. We would highly recommend this program to colleagues.

It saves time, now we can just see at the monitor to see the progress in patient care,to see where are the members of the team and each part of the visit.

It saves time, now we can just see at the monitor to see the progress in patient care,to see where are the members of the team and each part of the visit.

SyncTimes has been a great tool for my clinical team. They have excellent customer service and are always looking to grow their capabilities.

SyncTimes has been great with helping cut down the cycle times. The icon alert sounds have aided in daily multitasking, triggering us to look when the provider orders a test.

What We Provide

Tools That Help Providers

SyncTimes provides a tool to help providers, nurses, and their care teams the ability to communicate more effectively, providing for an elevated level of care to their patients.

Real-Time Visualizations

The SyncTimes solution provides real-time visibility into each patient’s experience.

No More Searching Hallways 

With SyncTimes in place, providers will no longer need to search the halls for a nurse to communicate the care plan.

More Time With Patients

As care team communication improves and alone time decreases, providers will be afforded more time to spend with their patients.

Sync Times Tablet
Tablet and medical devices
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nurse area

You might be wondering

Why was SyncTimes created?

We’re glad you asked. Our first clinic commissioned us to build a tool to simplify communication for staff. They loved it. Soon, others became interested. As we grew, we discovered that we could do more for our health centers. We began sharing data to help them understand the patient experience and make data-driven decisions to facilitate better flow. Our first priority is still to offer a great tool for patient flow communication; our second priority to give actionable insights into the operations of the clinic. If you feel strongly like we do, that transparency and actionable data are critical to a health center’s success, maybe we should talk more.

What are the IT requirements?

We keep this simple for your IT team – we supply the displays, the network hardware, and even bring our own patch cables. We work with your IT department to facilitate a direct connection to an ISP, then remotely manage the network hardware and other devices. We work with your IT department’s preferred cabling contractor to run CAT6 to each of the tablets. As new technology becomes available, we’ll upgrade devices at no charge.

How does this integrate with our EHR?

Your EHR is designed to do a lot of things, but patient flow is not one of them. Our care teams use SyncTimes for communication around patient flow, and their EHR for the detail. They find that a simple tap-and-go system saves time and energy, allowing them to focus on the patient.

How will we be able to access our reporting?

We believe in the power of data, especially when shared transparently. You will be provided a link to your reporting and will receive one-on-one consulting on how to best use it.

How does pricing work?

We charge an implementation fee and an annual subscription for support and software. The subscription includes full technical support, a dedicated client success manager, a full lifetime warranty for all devices, and access to our continually-improving software. Please contact us for a proposal for your health center.

What does life after purchase look like?

If you don’t succeed, we fail. Your SyncTimes coach will work with IT & clinical staff to identify ideal locations for the SyncTimes devices, which we will install during non-working hours. Day one usually consists of 30-minute training for each shift, and we stick around to answer questions and help the team get up and running. The system, just like anything new, takes some getting used to but becomes a habit in just a few weeks. We coach managers and staff on improving workflows and utilizing the reporting, which typically consists of a 20-minute call on a weekly basis for as long as is needed. We will then provide executive summaries on a regular basis to track and improve the process.

Let’s Talk

We’re ready to help your clinic have a better experience. Let us know if you have any questions!