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Company History

SyncTimes was formed to address needs faced by a community health center in central Washington. SyncTimes was commissioned to build an integrated hardware and software solution designed to improve communication in their clinics. Soon, other health centers across the country became interested in the tool, and SyncTimes began offering its solution to health centers across the country.


Alan Bucknum is the CEO at SyncTimes. Alan’s background in information systems and health care administration led him to work in health care software for a network of community health centers. He initially began his work with SyncTimes as a fun side project, but soon saw the dramatic improvements health centers across the country experienced through the system. Now, he is leading the industry in innovative ways to improve patient-centered care.

Our Product

We place touchscreen devices in exam rooms and around the clinic where care teams communicate routine tasks by selecting icons to inform the rest of the team. 

Health Center Benefits 

  • SyncTimes solution provides real-time visibility into each patient’s experience, allowing the team to act in real-time to best help the team provide care.
  • Staff can more simply communicate patients’ care plans, allowing for a reduction of stress and confusion.
  • The system helps eliminate inefficiencies in the clinic, enabling a better patient experience. 
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