Integrated Care

Within an integrated care model, communication among specialties is key.

With SyncTimes, a single tap at the exam room notifies team members through automated text messages, who can quickly visit the room for a warm hand off.

Enhanced communication facilitates seamless, efficient patient-centered care.

Emergency Alerts

In an emergency at your health center, ease and simplicity are critical. SyncTimes gives teams the ability to quickly and effectively notify other in the midst of health and security-related emergencies.

Code Blue

Automatically alert assigned staff members in the event of a medical emergency.

The location of the emergency is immediately communicated via SMS, visual displays in nurse stations, and audible alerts.


Alert security from inside the exam room with a single tap from the exam room tablet.

Applicable personnel are immediately notified to assist in resolving the issue.

Service Recovery

Point-of-care patient surveys enable teams to address patients’ experiences before the patients leave the clinic.

The SyncTimes system can be configured to alert multiple team members when a patient reports dissatisfaction, allowing for immediate service recovery.

Patients leaving favorable responses are directed to Google for a review of your health center.

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