Benefits from Patient Satisfaction Surveys

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The use of survey tools is changing the market research world. Surveys can provide a more accurate picture of overall patient satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction has become a routine measure of quality for most industries. You can find these type of surveys almost everywhere you go: grocery stores, e-commerce sites, even the post office. The big reason is the goal of improving the quality of experience people have with a product or service.

The healthcare industry is also known for administering patient satisfaction surveys. These are used by healthcare organizations as a quality indicator.

Most organizations provide survey results to an individual in their administration department, which explores and advises the executive team. These organizations then strive to make decisions based on patient feedback.

Great organizations share survey results transparently with staff. Sharing results could lead to conflict. But, more importantly, it leads to real change and lets your staff know the areas they need to focus on for improvement.

Outstanding organizations complete “the feedback loop.” The customer feedback loop is a strategy for product improvement based on users’ opinions and suggestions. It is divided into three stages, which are, gathering information from customers, learning and analyzing the data, and finally applying conclusions into the product or service.

SyncTimes provides your clinical staff the ability to address patient concerns before they ever leave the exam room. If a patient responds to a survey as unsatisfied, a member of the care team can immediately address the patient concerns before the patient visit even ends. We focus on service recovery surveys, it is a helpful process that helps organizations react quickly and recover from a poor customer experience. We’ve learned that 90% of patients will come back if someone immediately addresses their concerns.

For health care facilities that want to improve on their service and level of patient satisfaction, it is imperative that they know exactly what their patients expect, and how they are delivering on the expectations. Here are a few reasons why it is critical to implement patient satisfaction surveys:

  1. Identify and quickly correct patient concerns.
  2. Retain patients through service recovery.
  3. Improve clinic operations with a taste of the patient’s perspective.

Health care delivery is becoming increasingly competitive. Thus, it is important that health centers adopt a more sophisticated approach to market research as a vital component of their everyday routines. Implementation of routine surveys at the point of care will significantly boost patient satisfaction scores.

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SyncTimes makes capturing accurate workflow data possible, communicating wait times and staff interactions. This information immediately improves provider and care team communication about the real-time status of the workflow.

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