Benefits of real-time reporting

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What is real-time reporting?

Real-time data is one of the most promising applications of big data in the healthcare industry. Real-time reporting allows organizations to gather data as it is happening. In the past, most companies gathered their data reports quarterly or monthly, but with real-time reporting, they can do it instantly.

Benefits of real-time reporting in healthcare?

  • We are all aware of how consumer expectations affect any market. Real-time reporting increases efficiency in all areas and helps organizations make smarter decisions and better understand their operations.
  • It can give a deeper understanding of individual patient situations at the point of care.
  • IT departments no longer need to serve as data gatekeepers; they can focus on storing, managing, and securing accurate information to help medical professionals make informed decisions.

Powerful tools are necessary to remain competitive in an industry fueled by data.  Real-time reporting provides a sophisticated solution that can shorten response times, enhance reporting capabilities and help doctors, nurses, and staff achieve success and stay on top of patient demands.

How SyncTimes uses real-time reporting.

SyncTimes real-time reporting shows the number of visits in a day, average cycle times for each provider. Our reporting shows the amount a patient spends alone, the time they spend with clinical staff, as well as the time spent with the provider.

Watch our reporting demo, to learn how our real-time reporting feature works. 

SyncTimes makes capturing accurate workflow data possible, communicating wait times and staff interactions. This information immediately improves provider and care team communication about the real-time status of the workflow.

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