Care Team Communication

Care Team Communication

using SyncTimes

SyncTimes revolutionizes the way care teams communicate with each other. We facilitate instantaneous communications between members of the clinical staff that help them administer patient-centered care without the usual headaches. That means without logging in to an EMR, searching the hallways for the provider, or interrupting patient visits. We accomplish this through touch screen tablets throughout the health care facility and a state of the art real-time locating system.

Our partner health centers have been able to decrease the overall time by over 15%. In addition to our touch screen communication devices, we also harness real-time locating systems and a robust reporting platform to improve the patient experience. As the patient experience improves, so does patient retention and staff satisfaction. SyncTimes is dedicated to helping health centers deliver patient-centered care.

Exam Rooms

Each exam room is equipped with a small tablet located near the door outside the room, and inside the room in a convenient location for the care team to access. Providers can communicate the care plan for the patient using the icon on this tablet. Timers on the tablet help clinical staff manage their time and ensure that each patient isn’t left alone in the exam room for too long.


Flowstations are strategically placed in central locations where all members of the care team can easily see them. This is where the care team can see real time updates for the patient. Flowstations can also be accessed on laptops and other mobile devices.

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