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Flowstation 101

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The Flowstation is typically displayed on TV screens in hallways, provider’s offices, and nursing stations. It is also accessible on your desktop/laptop computers and on your smart phone.

The Flowstation is designed to keep everybody on the same page. The exam room devices will communicate with the Flowstation to display the activity within each room, as well as what is needed next for the patient.

This article will explain the basic ins and outs of the FlowStation. To view a video of how to use the FlowStation, see below:


  1. The green bar across the top of the exam room indicates if a patient is roomed. If the bar is white, there is not patient in that room.
  2. Two timers indicate the total amount of time that the patient has been roomed and how long the patient has been with a member of the care team or alone. This is based on those who badge in and out of the exam room device (care staff currently badged into the room will be displayed on the bottom left of the exam room card).
  3. The provider’s image who is assigned to this room will show here. Changing the provider assignment can be done by clicking or tapping on the image.
  4. Icons can be added or removed on a Flowstation. To add an icon, select the plus button. To remove an icon, simply click or tap on the icon.

Assigning Providers:

Assigning providers can be done by clicking or tapping on the provider picture. Doing this will populate a list of providers, with frequent providers listed at the top. Simply select the provider you want and it will automatically update to reflect that assigned provider to the exam room.


Two timers will display on the Flowstation when a patient is roomed. One shows the total time that the patient has been roomed. The other timer is how long either the provider or staff has been in the room, or how long the patient has been alone in the room.


From the Flowstation you can also add and remove icons.

To add icons, click or tap on the plus button next to the icons and select what icon you want to display.

To remove icons, simply click or tap on the icon you wish to remove.

Flowstation Settings

To open the Flowstation settings window, click or tap on the three vertical dots on the top-right of the screen. Here you can customize how you view the Flowstation.

  • Sort by provider or by room number: The default setting is to sort by room number but that is easily changed to provider by clicking on the switch.
  • Exclude certain rooms: The auto selection is to view all rooms, but if you only need to view certain rooms, simply deselect the rooms you don’t need to view.
  • Zooming in and out: This function is useful when only viewing a few rooms so they are bigger on the screen. Adjusting the zoom can be done three ways, with the plus and minus button, with the up and down arrow (appearing when you hover over the zoom box), or by manually typing in the desired number.
  • Mute Sound: The default setting will have the sound on, but you can choose to mute the sound. You can assign sounds to an icon by using the SyncTimes admin console. To learn more about this, click here.

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