Health Center Spotlight: Amenia, NY

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In Amenia, a rural town in upstate New York, a Hudson River Healthcare facility has been hard at work to improve the patient experience.

The clinical staff at this location care deeply about their patients’ health and happiness, that is one reason why they have invested in the SyncTimes system. In September of 2018, patients were typically in the exam room for 45 to 50 minutes in addition to the time spent in the waiting room. Over the course of six months, the health center was able to reduce cycle times to 37 minutes, a 20% improvement.

“SyncTimes has been a great tool for my clinical team.”

-Krista Miller, Amenia Health Center – Nurse Manager

While this is a remarkable achievement for the staff and providers in Amenia, what is more impressive is the decrease in patient ‘alone’ time. In other words, the amount of time that a patient waits alone in the exam room. In September 2018, patient alone time averaged 23 minutes. Currently, in August of 2019, patient alone time has been reduced to 13 minutes.

As you might expect, improving the experience for the patient also has similar affects on staff members. Happy patients translate to happy staff and a pleasant working environment. In response to a survey, one of the medical assistants at this site commented: “SyncTimes has been great with helping us cut down cycle times. The icon alert sounds have aided us in daily multitasking, triggering us to look when alerted, to the provider ordering a test.

We find that when patient cycle times are decreased, so are the stress levels of those providing the care. Patient satisfaction and retention levels increase and no-show rates decrease. We are thrilled to work with a great team at Amenia Health Center.

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