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Care Team Communication

Using the SyncTimes tablet inside the exam room, providers can call an MA or nurse, communicate the care plan, or notify the behaviorist when they are needed.

Analyze and Improve 

Track cycle times and productivity through the SyncTimes dashboard. Identify changes that must be made to optimize the patient experience.

Real Time Locating

Real time locating at the health center with an easy to wear locating device that allows you to see what is happening in each exam room.


Reduced Cycle Times


Decreased Patient Alone Time


Increased Provider Productivity

The Challenge

  • Inefficiencies in the clinic.
  • Long patient alone wait-time
  • Patient experience of care, or “satisfaction”, is a crucial element of patient-centered care, the implementation of which has become the focus of wide-scale efforts aimed at improving health and health-care delivery
  • Making data-driven decisions in the clinic
  • Incorporating technologies, or be left behind
  • Communication issues between the patient, provider, and staff
  • Measuring and reporting of some metrics that don’t align with the clinic goals

The Solution

  • Decrease alone time without sacrificing provider time.
  • Improve communication between patient, provider, nurse, and staff
  • Allows caregivers to see how their participation compares against peers.
  • SyncTimes reporting allows identification of areas in need of education or support
  • With SyncTimes real-time visualizations providers are able to
    quickly attend patient needs, thereby increasing patient
  • SyncTimes provides analytics for continual process

Our Impact

SyncTimes provides a tool to help providers and their care teams, communicate more effectively, providing for an elevated level of care to their patients.

  • The SyncTimes solution allows for rapid improvements.
    Administrators and clinic manager are provided insight into what patients are experiencing and where improvements can be made.
  • Administrators are able to optimize scheduling, staffing, and create efficiencies to clinical workflows by analyzing the data collected through SyncTimes reporting.
  • SyncTimes establishes a baseline for your current cycle times, staffing and room efficiencies. Your site managers and administrators can then identify goals for improvement.


Patients Seen Since January 2018

“We were able to add more patients to our panel. In the first 6 months of working with SyncTimes, one of our sites added over 400 visits.”

Deon Stewart-MilesAVP Nursing

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