Integrated Health Care Model

An integrated health care model provides immense value to the patient. It also comes with a lot of moving pieces that can be difficult to manage. We are here to help your care teams provide an integrated, patient-centered experience without the headache.

Benefits of an integrated health care model

An inter-professional health care model empowers care teams with a higher degree of collaboration and communication. Patients receive greater access to services with lower overall health care costs. Providers have greater resources at their disposal because of increased collaboration with other health care professionals. When done right, patients experience an improved quality of care in an integrated model.

Challenges of an integrated health care model

One of the most challenging aspects of an integrated model is facilitating the hand off between health care professionals. Communication within an EMR is notoriously difficult, and locating fellow staff members can be near impossible. Care teams will need tools to manage the flow of patients through the exam room.

SyncTimes Solution for Integrated Health Care

Care Team Communication

SyncTimes places touch screen tablets inside and outside of each exam room to enable communication, patient education, and patient surveying. SyncTimes touch screens are customized for each health center. Large displays and laptops can access the SyncTimes system to see what is needed for every patient. Using these tablets, you can request any member of the integrated care team without leaving the exam room.
SyncTimes nurse station displays and exam room tablets show patient, provider, and clinical staff locations, as well as relevant patient flow information for the patient, such as the amount of time the patient has been waiting. Automated text messages alert members of the care team when they are needed in an exam room or in the case of a medical or security emergency.

Real-time Locating

SyncTimes Beacon is a real-time locating system designed for clinics to assist care teams in locating providers and clinical support staff. The SyncTimes Flowstation acts as air traffic control for the health center, allowing teams to locate behaviorists, support staff, and other members of an integrated team.

With real-time locating, care teams can find the behaviorist without searching hallways, offices, and staff lounge areas. RTLS gives time back to your clinical team to provide the highest quality care to patients.

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