November Updates

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Below you will find the low down on the most recent updates in the SyncTimes system and a short video tutorial to go along with it. We get all of our updates from you, the end users, so please feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions you might have. Thank you for working with us to optimize the patient experience!

This month’s updates:

  • Trending Data on Flowstation
    • In addition to the daily cycle time and visit data, there will now be trending data. This will help you to see how your department has been doing over the last few months and make goals to improve.
  • Real-time Locating
    • Say goodbye to badging into exam rooms! With this optional upgrade, you can wear a small badge in the health center that will do the badging in for you. Click here for more information.
    • The SyncTimes Beacon locating system makes the process easier for clinical staff and increases the quality of data received.

Last month’s updates:

  • View the Flowstation from the exam room tablets
  • Scheduled and automatic icons
    • Schedule an icon to remind clinical staff to check in with the patient after 15 minutes alone
    • Schedule an icon to prompt the provider to finish the visit

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