Patient Experience Report

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What we really care about is the patient and care team day to day experience. This is the dashboard that we use to measure that experience.

See below for a video tutorial on the Patient Experience report.

From the landing page select the Patient Experience link:

Interpreting the Report

1: Visits per Provider Hour

  • This section of the report displays the average number of visits that a provider(s) sees for every hour that they are badged in to see patients.

2: Patient Experience in Exam Room

  • A break down of what patients are experiencing inside the exam room.
    • Red: the average amount of time that patients spend alone.
    • Green: the average amount of time that patients are with support staff (nurse, medical assistant, etc.)
    • Blue: the average amount of time that patients spend with a provider.

Navigating the Report

  1. Change the time range using the time line selector
  2. Filter by site, department, or provider using the drop down menus on the left
  3. View the report trending annually, quarterly, monthly, or weekly with the Group By buttons
  4. View the report by site, department, or provider by using the Group By buttons.

Best practices:

  • Focus on cutting down the red section of the graph (patient alone time).
  • We recommend printing these reports for staff meetings and sharing them with clinical staff (providers and support staff). The goal here is to highlight inefficiencies and use this to create new work flows that will cut down patient cycle times.
  • Avoid rooming multiple patients at once.

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