SyncTimes Reporting Platform

Accurate – Simple – Timely

The SyncTimes reporting platform is simple and designed to be easy to use for individuals at all levels of the organization.

Data Entry happens automatically through SyncTimes Beacon, a real-time locating system, and touch screen tablets that care teams use to communicate the next steps for the patient. Easily collecting accurate data while improving the patient experience.

Reports are generated daily to deliver the information when it is needed to actively improve patient care.

Patient Experience

How much time do your patients spend alone, with clinical staff, or the provider? Our partner health centers use this report to identify areas where clinical workflows can be improved and give time back to the clinical team to spend with their patients.


Optimize scheduling templates by identifying slow areas in a provider’s schedule. Adding additional slots to the schedule that doesn’t add additional stress to clinical staff can be accomplished easily using the SyncTimes scheduling report.

Real Time

Every day, patient cycle time information and provider productivity measures are updated and displayed at the Flowstation. Real-time reporting enables care teams to gauge how they are managing the patient experience.

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