Health Center Spotlight: CVCH East Wenatchee

By July 24, 2019 November 20th, 2019 No Comments

This week, SyncTimes turns its spotlight onto Columbia Valley Community Health’s East Wenatchee clinic.  If we weren’t to admit that we have a soft spot for this particular clinic, we would be lying.  SyncTimes can trace its roots to CVCH, and this clinic has the distinction of being client number one for our company.

Since implementing the solution, the team at the East Wenatchee clinic has grasped the significance of improved communication and the impact it has on the patient experience.  From December of 2017 to the end of June 2019, this clinic has reduced patient alone time by 21%! As everyone at some time or another has waited alone in an exam room to be seen by a provider, I’m certain that it is not hard for you to imagine how satisfied you would be to have your alone time, on average, be reduced by more than one-fifth.

In addition to embracing the solution and providing a terrific patient experience, the East Wenatchee team has always been willing to serve as testing grounds for new features of the SyncTimes solution.  Recently released and soon-to-be-released features include an enhanced user experience, in-room patient surveying, a front desk integration, and real time locating which eliminates the need for care team members to badge in and out of each exam room.  The feedback from this team on new features is leading to a better experience for not just their patients, but for patients across the country.    

We look forward to working closely with the East Wenatchee clinic to improve the patient experience!

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