Support Staff Report

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The Support Staff report is focused on clinical staff that are not providers (nurse, medical assistant, etc.)

See below for a video tutorial on the Support Staff Report.

Interpreting the Report

There are two metrics we focus on for this report: patients rooms and average touch time.

  • Patients Roomed: This is simply the total number of patients roomed for the selected time period.
  • Average Minutes per Touch: This is the average amount of time that support staff are spending with patients in the exam room for the selected time range.

Navigating the Report

  1. Change the time range using the time line selector
  2. Filter by site, department, or provider using the drop down menus on the left
  3. View the report trending annually, quarterly, monthly, or weekly with the Group By buttons
  4. View the report by site, department, or provider by using the Group By buttons.

Best Practices:

  • Use this report in staff performance reviews.
  • The nurse/clinical assistance play a key role in managing the flow of patients through the health center. They will be able to make the biggest difference in cycle times.

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