SyncTimes Data Dashboards

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Landing Page:

Using the link provided by SyncTimes, you will come to a landing page that looks something like this:

The SyncTimes data dashboards can be a bit overwhelming at first. This article will explain the differences between the various reports.

1: Patient Experience:

  • The Patient & Care Team Experience dashboard measures patient experience and care team productivity. In this dashboard you will be able to analyze how long the average patient is in the exam room alone, with an MA, nurse, or Provider. You can also examine the amount of time a provider is spending with patients and how many patients are being seen per hour per provider.

2: Scheduling:

  • Within this report you can access the Provider Scheduling report and the Exam Room Utilization report to optimize productivity and scheduling at your health center.

3: Support Staff:

  • The Support Staff report displays nurse/medical assistant productivity.

4: Utilization:

  • Utilization measures how much SyncTimes is being used by displaying the number of Icons used per patient and the number of times a staff member badges into a room per patient.

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