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By July 3, 2019 August 6th, 2019 No Comments

SyncTimes now offers an integrated option for the front desk at your health center. This allows front desk staff to add patient identifiers into the SyncTimes system as the patient checks in for their visit. Once the patient identifiers are entered, they will be displayed on SyncTimes devices in the clinical area to enable providers and staff members to better prepare for each visit.

The format that the patient identifiers are displayed on clinical devices is customizable and decided at a department level. To learn more about these options, click here.

This article will review how to add patient identifiers into the SyncTimes system. See below for an example.

Fill out Patient Identifiers

Start by adding the provider that the patient is here to see. To do this, click in the provider section and a window will pop up with providers to choose from. From there, complete filling the patient identifiers.

Once all information is in, select “add patient.”

The inputted information will be organized directly below in list form, organized by provider.

To remove a patient from the queue, simply click the red ‘x’ next to the patients name.

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