SyncTimes Application in a Small Practice

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The SyncTimes system brings technology that is typically reserved for hospitals to your local doctor’s office. Small practices experience the same frustrations and inefficiencies as large health systems, just on a different scale.

Locating and communicating with the care team can be just as difficult (if not more) at a small facility as it can be on a hospital floor. Between exam rooms, offices, break rooms, and labs, there are plenty of places to look for staff members. All of this searching can eat away at valuable time.

SyncTimes includes real-time locating, powerful communication dashboards, patient surveys, patient education, and an automated alert system, keeping everyone on the same page to create a seamless visit experience for the patient and clinical team.

Precision Medical in Provo, Utah is a smaller practice that consists of 3 exam rooms and 2 provider offices. On a typical day, there will be 2 medical assistants and 1-2 providers seeing patients. Their dedication to their patients and staff is reflected in this video:

We believe in providing healthcare organizations the technology to enhance their clinical operations, regardless of size. Giving healthcare staff the tools needed is essential to provide excellent care to patients.

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