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SyncTimes is better than ever! Our whole team is celebrating this week with the launch of our new features.

Here’s a peek of the changes we are most excited about: 

1. Patient surveys. 

If your organization has opted to show patient surveys inside the exam room. then a survey screen will appear on the inside exam room tablet when the patient is alone in the exam room. Here the patients can interact with the touchscreen to select how their experience is going so far.

SyncTimes provides your clinical staff the ability to address patient concerns before they ever leave the exam room. If a patient responds to a survey as unsatisfied, a member of the care team can immediately address the patient concerns before the patient visit even ends. We focus on service recovery surveys, it is a helpful process that helps organizations react quickly and recover from a poor customer experience. We’ve learned that addressing patient concerns leads to 90% of patient retention.

2. Patient education. 

Providers must promote patient education and engagement through improvement in a patient’s health literacy. Health literacy as defined by Baylor University is the capacity to seek, understand, and act on health information. Our new feature offers providers the opportunity to ameliorate the potential risks associated with limited patient health literacy. When the patient is alone in the exam room, your organization can display patient education in the form of a website.

This will allow patients to make rational health choices, and improve the provider-patient relationship.

3. Real-time reporting. 

This feature will allow you to see how many visits have been finished today and likewise, we could see the average cycle times for each provider. As with other SyncTimes reports the red represents patient alone time, green represents time with clinical staff, such as a medical assistant or a nurse, and the light blue color represents the time that the patient spends with the provider.

4. Assign provider from the exam room. 

Previously, you could only assign a provider to an exam room from a flow station. Now when you are at an exam room tablet, all you have to do is tap on the provider’s picture and then you will receive a list of providers that you can select from to assign the exam room.

5. Childproof tablets. 

Next, there is the ability for the inside exam room device to shut off or switch to a different screen when there is no clinical staff in the exam room with a patient. This will solve the problem of curious children pressing on icons within the exam room, and provide an opportunity to display educational content and surveys for the patient while they wait.

Watch this video to see the new features in action!

SyncTimes makes capturing accurate workflow data possible, communicating wait times and staff interactions. This information immediately improves provider and care team communication about the real-time status of the workflow.

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