What is Patient Education?

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Patient education is the process by which health professionals share knowledge to patients and their caregivers. It allows patients to become responsible for their own health status. Patient education tools allow patients to comprehend their condition, and prevent other diseases.

Benefits of Patient Education

Educating patients on their health will no doubt have a positive effect on their health, but also on your health center. Patient education could reduce the number of unnecessary admissions, phone calls, or visits, which will save time and money for both the patient and the provider.

Patients that comprehend their diagnosis and side-effects of their condition have shown reduced anxiety levels. This level of awareness helps build trust between the patient and provider and improve satisfaction.

An educated patient will more likely understand what goals they need to work towards in order to improve their health. Subsequently, patients will make rational health choices.

Technology has made patient education materials more accessible. Health centers can customize educational content to individually address their patient needs. SyncTimes offers providers the opportunity to ameliorate the potential risks associated with limited patient health literacy. When the patient is alone in the exam room, your organization can display patient education in the form of a website.

SyncTimes makes capturing accurate workflow data possible, communicating wait times and staff interactions. This information immediately improves provider and care team communication about the real-time status of the workflow.

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