What is Healthcare Analytics?

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Health care analytics is the process of deriving insights from patterns and correlations found in data collected from patient records, costs, diagnoses, operations, and more. The field encompasses many specialties within the healthcare industry, and offers insights on both the macro (population) and micro (patient) level. Health care analytics extends beyond data management. It includes real-time feedback, decision-support, and predictive analytics all with the purpose of improving outcomes.

Benefits of Health Care Analytics
• Improve operations across your organization through improved decision-making.
• Better patient outcomes through decision support and quantifiable goals in patient care.
• Understand financial drivers of organizational success, enabling better patient care amid the challenges of a complicated payment environment.

What is the future of Health Analytics?
We live in a digital era. Technology is the future. New digital technologies that utilize health analytics are being developed with the goal of improving global health. All these improvements will allow healthcare organizations to better collect patient data and utilize that data in new and exciting ways.
Understanding what patients are feeling and how they reach to service and treatment is critical when working towards improving services. Read how patient surveys can help you collect relevant data that will improve patient satisfaction.


SyncTimes makes capturing accurate workflow data possible, communicating wait times and staff interactions. This information immediately improves provider and care team communication about the real-time status of the workflow.

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