What We Value

SyncTimes reporting brings the patient experience to life with tools that contribute to the patient, provider, and staff satisfaction.

At SyncTimes, we believe in a better patient experience enabled by technology. 

Core Values

Moving in

We report to the only boss that matters: the customer. We are only successful if our customer is, so we move in to help them achieve their goals.

What it looks like

When we received some of our first significant contracts, we literally packed our bags and moved across the country to be certain our customers were properly cared for.

Often, our clients are surprised that we know the names and faces of so many of their nurses, medical assistants, and providers. We believe moving in with our clients is critical to their success, and ours.

While it’s unlikely that we will literally sell our homes and move again, the principle remains. We will do everything in our power to help our partner health centers be successful.


We aren’t big-wage, big-talk consultants. We are scrappy. We’d rather walk the walk than talk the talk. We do the impossible on a tiny budget.

What it looks like

When a difficult or messy job needs to be done, we don’t shirk or procrastinate. Rather than asking, “Who else could take care of this for me,” we ask, “Why not me, and why not now?”

This means that no work is “below our pay grade”. While we each have our own responsibilities, we recognize that everybody achieves more when we work together.

We accept that we will make mistakes. But often, a mistake is much better than doing nothing.

The Power of Data

As a company, we are transparent & accountable to each other. We encourage openness & transparency in our partner health centers.

What it looks like

Internally, we are transparent about our success, our failures, and how things are going. We strive to never let our egos get in the way of the facts, and we focus on the numbers to understand what is going on.

With our partner health centers, we encourage an environment where data relevant to the patient experience is readily available to team members at all levels of the organization.

We believe unleashing the power of data transparently leads to greater trust, understanding, and better results for our team and for our customers.

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